» Sub-station on turnkey bases up to 66 KV And
    » Erection and Commissioning up to 220KV.
    » Transmission Line up to 220 KV
    » Solar PV Module and its system and equipments of Solar Plant.
    » Testing and commissioning work of various projects.


    » 66 KV Sub-Station
    » Up To 220 KV Overhead Transmission Line
    » HT equipment i.e. Power Transformer, Control & Relay Panels, Switch gears etc.
    » Industrial Equipment i.e. Distribution Transformer, Switch gears etc.
    » Electrical installation at Corporate, Hospital, Hotel, Shopping mall etc.


    » Power/Distribution Transformer
    » Distribution & Transmission Line
    » HT/LT Switch gear
    » Industrial Panels & Relay
    » DG set/ Emergency supply system
    » Earth Pit & Earth grid system


    » Industrial testing i.e. Earth resistance, Load Data test etc.
    » HT & LT Cable Laying
    » Consulting and Liaison Work
    » All matters related to Fire & Safety and Security & intelligence system
    » All types of Industrial Material Supply
    » Third party evaluation and monitoring of projects



Our Vision:

Is to be a trusted, respected and dynamic technical service provider with focus on safety, Quality, Cost and Schedule to ensure the most energy efficient electric network; at par with the best available in the world.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission:

We want to simplify life of our patrons and employees by providing positive contribution to the world. We want to create an environment in which we enjoy working togather. We want to provide professional services of outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, delivering the best solutions for full satisfaction. We promote a culture of partnership, entrepreneurship, teamwork and integrity to build a class apart technical service provider company.


To maintain 100% client’s satisfaction we are driven by following values..

  • No excuse only results.
  • Never promise more than we can perform
  • We devote completely
  • Commitment based on plans not promises
  • Committed in decision but flexible in approach.
  • Deep Integrity.
  • Precious Timekeeping & Highest level of Accuracy
  • Potential Leadership with an Energetic Team.

“We believe in Quality - No fear of competition”

  Quality is way to complete customer satisfaction, We serve best quality and complete customer satisfaction. Quality is our core business rule that why we believe in Quality - No fear for Compitition.  

Himanshu Desai
Managing Director
Shrinathji Electicals